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SoundCloud is a free website and application that is sure to satisfy your music needs. It was established in Berlin in 2007 and has been one of the internet's greatest treasures since then. It is a platform for free music streaming and for creating and publishing music for free. It is a great community where you can discover great music and be discovered as an artist.


If you are searching for the ways to increase your chance of being discovered in SoundCloud and in the music industry, you must use this application at its full potential. Follow these measures to better gauge on how you would better use the application:


How to maximize your utility of SoundCloud

·         Have a creative profile

A bad profile could turn off your possible followers even if your music is good. Make sure that your name creatively speaks of your music and of who you are. Use a profile picture that could capture the artistic representation of your sound and lyrics.

·         Use an application for network expansion

There are now some applications that could help you increase the number of your followers. It makes gaining popularity in SoundCloud so much easier. This is the investment you would want to make. By registering and paying for their service, they make it easy for you to expand your network and chance of being discovered as an artist. To know more about it, you can go here.

·         Always update your followers

Updating your followers is a way of maintaining them and making a good connection or relationship with them. By being consistent in your efforts to publish good music, you are providing them the content they signed up for. Also, you could post schedules of when you are going to publish your music or of your events to notify them of when they would go online to hear your music.